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all dogs deserve to live with dignity


BEACH DOG RESCUE OF COSTA MAYA MEXICO is a small rescue & sanctuary in a remote area of YUCATAN, MEXICO. Our mission is to help the homeless, abandoned, sick and abused dogs in our area. There are no shelters and very few services for animals here. Dogs are born on the street to suffer and die alone. We are trying with all our heart and soul to change that.

~ Heather, Gil and the team



What is a street dog?

Imagine if you were born in a vacant lot to a homeless mother who was too malnourished to feed you.

You hide under cars when it rains and knock over trash cans hoping to find something to stop the pain of your hunger. You will become sick from easily treatable diseases or get run over. People will look at you with pity, if they look at you at all.  It's unlikely anyone will ever help you. 

Some days you'll be so desperate for food, you'll walk into a restaurant only to have the owner throw rocks at you. 

That is the life of a street dog.

Since 2016 we have been saving dogs from becoming statistics.


A dream years in the making - a 50 acre rural farm where dogs can heal and receive all the love they never had.

Dogs get to finally be dogs. Loved, protected and even a bit spoiled!  

With room to roam, we focus on having fun, while healing physical and emotional wounds.  

Watching a once terrified dog do zoomies for the first time or roll over for a belly rub is pure magic. There is no greater joy than knowing a former street dog feels at home.

Those are the moments we live for.  

Spay & neuter

At the core of our rescue is the belief that spaying & neutering is the only way to make real and lasting change. 

 Individual rescue stories are amazing, but there simply are not enough homes for them all.

Generations of street dogs continue to reproduce exponentially, and we can not rescue that away.

Together with our vet partners, we bring free mobile spay & neuter campaigns to local communities.  

The solution is easy and affordable.

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